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Fun Travel Stragety: Extra Rest – Before, During, and After Vacation

I have been in the company of an illness for about 3 years now.  It took me some time, but I have come to terms with my new “normal” and learned to handle my myriad of symptoms.  I live in Orlando, Florida, and my close family and relatives live in Chicago, Illinois.  While my visits offer a break from my everyday life, my vacation was the occasion my symptoms would flare up.

Before my illness, when I traveled I was cleaning, packing, and taking care of all the details preparing my family for travel, planning on resting while on vacation. However, these days I need to pace myself, because in addition to getting everything else done – I have to make time to rest so I don’t go through a flare up that will inevitably ruin my vacation.

If I am going to take a one-week vacation, I take it easy the week before and the week after I return. I don’t take on any extra activities and I keep my schedule light.  I also pace myself very carefully during the trip, taking advantage of resting during my non-active times while on vacation. It takes some extra planning but it is well worth it.

Do you take extra rest before, during, and after travel?

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions, when you make a commitment to live beyond your illness.

Gal Pal Carmen

Your Florida Gal Pal Bounce Back Getaway Expert

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