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Destination Spotlight: Florida – Discover Our “Sunshine State”

Florida merrily calls itself the “Sunshine State.”  Yet there’s more than sunny skies to recommend here.  You can visit remote little towns like Apalachicola and Cassadaga, or a live it up in a multicultural playground like Miami.  You can scoff lots of fresh seafood and then work off the calories bicycling, golfing, kayaking or swimming.  In St. Augustine, 17th -century history comes alive while space travel dominates in Cape Canaveral.  Florida has thousands of acres of wilderness, from little Clam Pass County Park in downtown Naples to stunning Everglades National Park, spanning the state’s southern tip.

Miles of golden-sand beaches and weathered seaside cottages invite a laid-back drive along the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle.  Drive our A1A expressway along the glistening Atlantic coast, past lighthouses and biking beaches from Daytona all the way to Miami.  Palm trees and coconut-rum cocktails keep the locals cool and relaxed in the southern islands of the Florida Keys.

While visiting enjoy fresh-squeezed juice from the glass or stop at a roadside stand for a bag of tangerines to go.  Thanks to our 800 miles of oceanfront, our fresh seafood rules. Devour platters of delicately sauced fish adorned with lemon, basil, roasted garlic, and capers, with wine sauce, and pig out on dip basketfuls of deep-fried seafood into cups of spicy ketchup and fresh tartar sauce at dockside picnic tables.

This summer I will be traveling though-out Florida seeking out special vacation spots to personally recommend.  Do you have any special Florida vacation spots I should check out?

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness.

Gal Pal Carmen

Your Florida Gal Pal Bounce Back Getaway Expert

“You dream it, I plan it, you deserve it.”

Telephone: (407) 900-9258          E-mail: Carmen@CmpTravelCounselor.com

Facebook: GalPalBounceBackGetaways

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