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Pity Party No More: Get Beyond Your Dis-ease

When thinking back to my darkest days I remember how difficult it was to find the motivation to rise in the morning.  I often laid in bed for hours with no desire to embark on the new day.  I know how hard it was for my family to watch me opt for self-imposed confinement, rather than join them. It was difficult to find motivation to justify the tolerance and energy needed to deal with the wide array of BS  I had not yet learned to manage. There was the physical pain, emotional numbness, and the drug induced stupor my medications left me in.

All I remember thinking to myself each morning before getting out bed was, “I’m so tired of being sick.” Day after day, I would think this phrase over and over.  Finally one day, I woke up on a bright sunny morning, and despite the fact that my legs were burning, my head was imploding, and my skin was itchy, I thought– I am going to ignore all of it.  I am not going to let anyone know or see how I am feeling.  I was finally strong enough to not give in to the pain.  I replaced my “I’m so tired of being sick,” with “Thank you for the new day.”

As I continued the practice of greeting my morning with a few deep breaths and a “Thank you for the new day,” something changed for me.  I started to have the desire to move, do something other than lay in bed.  I longed for beach walks and big belly laughs.  I asked my family not to ask how I was feeling and stop treating me like I was sick.  I wanted to take my place in our family, because I was truly thankful for each day.  When friends and family asked how I was doing, I now answered “wonderful.” And until this day I am still amazed at how much better I felt from one day to the next by not acknowledging the BS.

When I read my old journals, I notice I started to feel stronger when I changed my morning greeting and stopped thinking about what I didn’t want.  Replacing my negative thought with a positive thought was just the start of how I managed to find the strength and determination to learn to tame this disease.

Have you ever replaced a negative thought with a positive thought, and realized the words propelled a powerful change your life? 

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness.

 Gal Pal Carmen

Your Florida Gal Pal Bounce Back Getaways Expert

“You dream it, I plan it, you deserve it.”

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One comment on “Pity Party No More: Get Beyond Your Dis-ease

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