Pity Party No More: When Chores Become a Pleasant Accomplishment

A few years ago, I took care of most the chores in my home. I worked 60+ hour work weeks in a law firm, did the groceries, took care of the family finances, and took care of the details in managing my children’s lives. I managed to do my housecleaning after work during the week, so I could focus on the laundry, groceries, and paying bills on Saturday, and save Sunday for the family. I often resented all the chores, wondering when would I get more than my sleeping hours to myself.

When I became ill, I had to stop everything suddenly. No more work. No more chores. I spent the first six weeks at home lying on a sofa in my bedroom as still as possible or soaking in a burning hot tub of water. My pain reached an all time debilitating level and would not release. My world seemed to fall apart slowly for months, then within a week, it completely imploded.

About a month ago, I did the laundry for the first time in 3 years. After a family getaway, I returned home to find a broken washer. Two weeks later, when the washer was repaired, I had 14 loads of laundry. I made a promise to myself as I stood in the doorway looking at my guest room filled with dirty laundry, that I would do the laundry myself. I have helped with a load or two from time to time, but not in any significant way. Often feeling guilty because of my need to ask my 16-year-olds for so much help, I did not want to burden them with this overwhelming task.

Three days later when I accomplished my goal, I could not have been prouder. On Sunday when I announced the laundry was finished, and the clothing was sorted and put in its place – I sat down to enjoy a glass of wine recalling a time when laundry was a chore, not a pleasant accomplishment I have now repeated every week since then.

Have any of your  chores become more pleasant after a time away from doing them?

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness.

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4 comments on “Pity Party No More: When Chores Become a Pleasant Accomplishment

  1. Excellent site, thanks for share this article with us

    • I’m very happy you enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to share your thoughts or ideas. Have a wonderful weekend. Xx

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    • Thank you very much for the thumbs up. You have no idea how much that means to me. If you have any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate. Xx

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