Pity Party No More: How to Get from Beneath Your Black Cloud of Depression

Me and My Gal Pal Diana

Me and My Gal Pal Diana

Do you remember a time when you felt you were living your perfect life? You were on track and where you wanted. Now, can you see almost to the day when your life started to unravel, but were too lost to care.  That’s where I was in 2010, 2 years into fighting with doctors over my diagnosis, 2+ years of living with chronic pain, and on a number of medications that left me numb and senseless.  I was angry, frustrated, and at a loss.  I locked away my pain, and retreated to my safe place, so as not to ooze this horrible energy on those I loved and cared about.  It took everything I had to get out from beneath that black cloud of depression.  My story is probably one you’ve already heard many times before, or even experienced.

Studies show 1 in 4 women experience depression on a regular basis, and women are twice as likely as men to become depressed. Everyone occasionally feels a little blue or sad, but these feelings are usually temporary and pass within a few days.  But when you have a depressive disorder, it interferes with daily life and normal functional.  It is not only difficult for you, but your family.

Here are a few ways that I came out from beneath my black cloud:

1. Talk to someone you trust.  Share what you are going through with people you love and trust.  If you don’t feel comfortable going to your family and friends for some reason, go to a professional.  Sometimes it helps just to talk things through.

2. Say social.  When you’re depressed you tend to hide in your shell, but being around other people will make you feel better.

3. Breath.  Daily relaxation practice, like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing, reduces stress, and boosts feelings of joy and well-being.

Then I started to:

4. Get moving.   You don’t have to go to the gym.  Go for a 30 minute walk, or march in front of the television.

5. Get out. Sunlight can lift your spirits.  Have your coffee on your patio, or enjoy lunch outdoors.

6. Sleep. Your mood suffers if you are not getting a regular amount of sleep in daily.  Aim for 8.

I remember one day in particular when I was feeling down and my gal pals brought a little light into my day.  I was avoiding them for months because I felt so ill and did not feel like I would be good company.  Why would they want to be around me, I didn’t want to be around me!  They refused to take a rain check for our Saturday outing and picked me up.  We went to the Winter Park Farmers Market, went shopping on the avenue, then settled for a late lunch.  We all took it easy that day, and I enjoyed the company.  That afternoon when I returned to my home, my husband and children commented on how much better I looked.  I had to admit, I even felt better.  When I went to my room to shower and get in my pajama uniform I looked in the mirror and could not help but smile.  My challenges did not change, but it didn’t matter.  My girls gave me some of their special “we got you” energy that day and I am forever grateful.

How do you get from beneath your black cloud? 

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness.

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3 comments on “Pity Party No More: How to Get from Beneath Your Black Cloud of Depression

  1. The dark cloud of depression can manifest in many different ways. Whether it causes you to hide away in your room, or lash out at ones nearby, the effect is devastating to you as well as others. Been there – done that. Talking with a trusted family member or friend can help. They need to be a great listener…and not necessarily judgmental. After all…the only one that can determine the reason behind the ‘funk’ is the one depressed – it’s just nice and helpful to have a sounding board – someone that won’t sugar coat,yet understands. Sunshine – from our Florida sun, or from the smiles and words of others…can help me back on the road to clear skies! 🙂

  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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