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Girlfriends: Need to Recharge Your Super Woman Powers? Plan a Girls’ Getaway

Need a Girls' Trip? (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

Need a Girls’ Trip? (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

Do you need a girlfriends’ getaway to recharge your Super Woman powers? You’re not alone.  If you talk to your girlfriends, they’ll agree–you all need a getaway.  Your gal pals make you happier, help you live longer, feel more beautiful and reduce your stress; they literally make you emotionally and physically healthier.  By taking a proactive approach, you and your friends will be healthier and calmer – and those around you will notice the positive changes when you return from your girls’ vacation.  To ensure you experience the getaway you are dreaming following are the:

5 Steps to Planning A Girlfriends’ Getaway:

1. Choose your Gal Pal Travel Companions. You’ll want to tune in to how you are feeling and why you want or need to escape.  Are you overcoming some personal or health issues? Too stressed and need to get out-of-town before you explode?  Ask yourself, “Who in your group of girlfriends do want by your side on this girls’ trip?”

2. Decide on your vacation budget. Traveling with a similar idea of a budget in mind ensures a harmonious dream getaway. Budget affects pretty much everything you do: where you stay, what you eat, what you visit, and how you get there.

3. Choose your getaway destination.  The destination for your dream getaway should fit your needs and desires.  Be sure to consider any physical limitations you or one of your travel companions have.

4. Put your getaway on the calendar.  Make yourself priority number one and schedule your Gal Pal Bounce Back Getaway sooner than later.  Ideally the date will be no less than 3 weeks away, and probably not more than 6 or 8 weeks away.

5. Plan and book your attractions and entertainment.  The plan is essential to a successful getaway.  The time it takes to organize and plan the kind of dream vacation you want, need, and deserve is often underestimated.  On average it takes travelers about 7-11 hours to plan a vacation.  Think about what you and your pals like to do.  Taking into consideration how you are feeling (physically and emotionally), you will want to make sure you plan something you and your companions will enjoy and take part in.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get a little help from your girlfriends.

Carmen M. Perez, Travel Counselor

Your Florida Travel Expert and Girlfriends’ Getaway Specialist

You dream it, I plan it, you deserve it.

Call me now to get pampered, play around, or just bounce back with your girlfriends, and without all the drama.

 Visit My Website: www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com

Telephone: (407) 900-9258          E-mail: Carmen@CmpTravelCounselor.com

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