Pity Party No More: How Do You Heal Your Broken Spirit?

How do you deal with illness? The long and frustrating road down Illness Lane can leave you out of gas on the side of the road.  Working with doctors, undergoing treatment, and taking medications, leave you feeling resentful and questioning why you’re fighting so hard.  You’re not feeling suicidal, but you’re tired and can’t help wonder why everything is so damn hard.

Have you hit your bottom?

I’ve dealt with illness on a serious level since 2008.  I’ve seen over 15 doctors and specialists and been on over 20 different medications.  After almost 2 years of trying several prescription medicine combinations, I decided to start treating my symptoms naturally.  When my condition improved, I was a little dumbfounded when I realized I had no vitality or enthusiasm for my life. My oomph was gone. These 7 steps helped me get my spirit where my mind, and body needed it be so I could move forward and find my new “normal:”

7 Steps to Recapturing Your Oomph

Girlfriends' Bounce Back (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

Girlfriends’ Bounce Back (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

1. Be well.  Commit to being well, and be well. Find inspiration.  Create a vision board or index cards with positive affirmations and read them several times a day.  Your illness and symptoms should no longer the topic of dinner conversations.

2. Let go.  Forgive your body for breaking down, and stop holding on to what was or what could have been.  If you are angry with friends, or family, let go.  Let go of it all.  Dwelling on the past is a huge waste of energy.

3. Accept. If you have new limitations, accept them.  You will figure out how to manage the important things in time.  Anything you can’t do, you can’t do.  It’s okay, it really is okay.

4. Love.  Love and embrace who you are today and move forward, without judgment, blame, shame, or guilt.

5. Create your utopia.  Only speak of good.  Read and watch fluff.  Sure you may become disconnected from “real” world drama, but who cares? For now, just enjoy what makes you happy.

6. Search.  Find a reason to get out of bed and leave the house.  Force yourself to take a walk, visit a park, or invite a friend to lunch.   I had a lot of help from my husband, who would bathe me, dress me, and get me out with my girlfriends.

7. Fake it ’til you make it.  When you begin socializing again people will ask about your illness and how you’re feeling.  I’m still not comfortable speaking about my illness, so when people ask I will answer with, “Everything is under control and I am doing great.”   I don’t think about it.

Take it one day at a time and don’t do it alone–call one of your cheerleaders.  Tell a trusted girlfriend what’s going on.  I’m sure she wouldn’t mind lending an ear or her support.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get a little help from your girlfriends.  I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Carmen M. Perez, Travel Counselor

Your Florida Travel Expert and Girlfriends’ Getaway Specialist

You dream it, I plan it, you deserve it.

Call me now to get pampered, play around, or just bounce back with your girlfriends, and without all the drama.

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2 comments on “Pity Party No More: How Do You Heal Your Broken Spirit?

  1. These aren’t just for women! I’ve never dealt with a long-term illness, but I had a rough bout with walking pneumonia once and bouncing back from that was hard. It totally spoiled the progress I had made in my own exercise and fitness, and I have never fully recovered the momentum I had. My mental state was depressed from my physical state… vicious circles ensued.

    I like the tips!

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