Pity Party No More: Is Your Personality a Problem?

Are you high achieving, giving and intelligent?  Recently I saw a report on television that stated a common denominator for those who suffered from Chronic Pain is they also suffer from a personality problem, called Perfectionism.  Doctors say if you suffer from Perfectionism you need to loosen up.

Is your personality the problem? (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

Is your personality the problem? (www.GalPalBounceBackGetaways.com)

Easier Said Than Done?

Being a perfectionist can interfere with your life.  The need to have everything look and seemingly be perfect takes a lot of time and adds a lot of un-necessary stress.  Before illness became part of my life I often said two phrases that haunt me today, “I will sleep when I die,” and “Good in never good enough.”    Medical specialists say that when you’re suffering through a chronic pain episode your brain is sending you a message to relax, because you didn’t listen to the warnings before hand-insomnia, headaches, exhaustion, or anxiety, to name a few.  If you always push yourself, give to others, and leave nothing for yourself, chronic pain literally forces you to slow down, take some time off, and look after yourself.

Is Your Personality Your Problem?

While I am not buying into my personality being a problem, I will agree that too much of anything is bad, including the need to be perfect.

I hope that by sharing my experiences you find strength, hope, and solutions when you make your commitment to live beyond your illness. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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2 comments on “Pity Party No More: Is Your Personality a Problem?

  1. Carmen, I had a cardiologist once tell me that if I insisted on getting upset by all the things I encountered every day that I could not control, I was a candidate for chronic pain, heart failure or worse. What is interesting is how that one change loosened my grip on perfectionism and other places where I was building up pressure. Now, when that jerk stops in the left turn lane, gets out of his car to buy some flowers and ignores the fact that the light turned green … causing us all to miss the light … I no longer honk, gesture madly and make ugly faces … 😉 I will never change him.

    • Sharon,

      You are so right. I am only now realizing that. I guess it’s another one of my gifts from illness ;-). Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great week and are off to a great weekend. Xx

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