Travel Tip: What to Take for a Day at the Beach

What do you take to the beach to stay cool? (www.GalPalBounce Back Getaways)

What do you take to the beach to stay cool? (www.GalPalBounce Back Getaways)

Moving from Chicago, Illinois to Orlando, Florida really gave me a new appreciation for sunny HHHOOOTTTT summer days.   Every summer, as we head out to enjoy the sand and sun at the ocean, in either Cocoa Beach (about a 40 minute drive from Orlando) or Daytona Beach (about an hour and 40 minute drive), we try many products that promise to enhance our beach experience.

1. SunMate ($9.99; http://www.purelyproducts.com) – This little handy gadget measures ultraviolet ray intensity using the National Weather Service’s UV index scale.  A good buy to practice safety.

2. Sand-Free Tote ($25; http://www.cgrear-sandfree.com) – If you love the beach but hate the way the sand works its way into everything, this tote is for you.  Sand can get out, but it can’t get in.  The bag is roomy and easy to carry.  It also has a large pocket to hold your wallet, keys, and mobile phone.

3.  Coldfront ($49.95; http://www.mycoldfront.com) – These palm-sized gel packs are great if your travel with people who get overheated spontaneously.  They come in a great carrying case and are simple to use.

What do you use at the beach to keep you happy on beach day? 

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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4 comments on “Travel Tip: What to Take for a Day at the Beach

  1. Carmen, I spent the first 18 years of my life on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where I grew up. Somewhere along the line I decided I had done enough harm to my skin. Imagine, we spread CocaCola on our bodies, or baby oil mixed with iodine. We never gave a thought to the damage the sun could be doing … and SPF did not exist! So I graciously leave ”beach days” to others … and am glad you’re suggesting ways to keep themselves safe!

    • Hi Sharon,

      I completely understand.

      I have to admit I was a bit reckless when I was younger…but after many burns I learned to protect myself and enjoy “limited” doses of sun exposure these days. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Love going to the beach. And protection always makes it better!

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