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Living II: My Visalus Challenge Day 14 (Week 2) – Bullies

Week 2:  This week was challenging, I struggled with bullies–priorities, obligations and time.  Creating new habits is hard work.  I focused on eating the correct number of meals and drinking water.  Let’s see if it worked.  Last week I weighed in at 160.7 lbs.  Week 2 weigh in…drum roll please–159.2 lbs.  That is a total of 1.5 lbs. for the week, and a total loss of 4.2 lbs. My energy levels were low most of the week and again my pain was manageable.  I’m listening to my body, I really am, but we often differ on when it’s time to rest.  I am starting a new meditation program, which I will share more about at a later date–I’m still experimenting.

My Week In Review

1. Drink two Visalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss per day.

2. Make healthy meal choices.

3. Drink at least 6 cups of water per day. (I’m still working my way to 8.)

Goals Next Week

1. Continue drinking two Visalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss per day.

2. Work on eating regularly throughout the day.  Evening munchies are now under control.

3. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day.

4. Continue making healthier meal choices.

5. Track calories 2 days this week.

Bullies - Priorities, Obligations, and Time. Which bully you?

Bullies – Priorities, Obligations, and Time. Which bullies you?

The Bullies 

The primary bullies I’m addressing are priorities, obligations, and time.  Priorities are the things I must get done.  Obligations are the tasks I have, or think I have, full responsibility for completing.  Time is uncontrollable and just keeps running away from me.

I carefully plan each day to allow for my obligations and priorities, but there never seems to be enough time for me to get everything done.  First, there are those unplanned events, like taking my daughter’s homework to school because she forgot it in the printer or a client who needs to cancel and rebook their travel plans. Second are the small things you focus on that distract you from doing what needs to get done, like cleaning the closets or doing your nails.  In the end,  you’ve been beat up all day and haven’t accomplished anything on your list.

How do you control bullies?

One of the ways I control these bullies is block my time for the day and honor my schedule.  If I need more time, I schedule more time to work on a task.  If I finish a task in less time than I expect, I go back to an incomplete task.  Yes, there are emergencies, and you will have no choice but to deal with them.  However, when you have a working plan, the emergencies are just that and you can get right back on schedule when things settle down.

Which bullies you?

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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