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Pity Party No More: Conversation with Tammy

Living II (living with invisible illness) seems to have given me a kind of sixth sense.  It seems everywhere I go I meet inspirational people who are or have been in the process of bouncing back.  With each encounter, I grow stronger in my resolve to help other women Living II.

I met Tammy Heotzler briefly at a luncheon and she was kind enough to share her story.  Tammy’s passion was an inspiration, so I connected with her to learn more about how she started living beyond her illness.

Today, Tammy is 52, celebrating just over 25 years of marriage, and enjoys riding and caring for her 2 horses and 2 dogs.  To say Tammy was devastated after a series of personal losses: starting with the loss of a beloved pet in 2009, her father six months later, the accidental death of a dear friend on Christmas Eve after an evening of celebrating, a cherished father-in-law, and an accident that destroyed a family business, would be an understatement.  In April of 2010, Tammy would sell her bridal shop and take leave of life for just about 2 years to recover from physical and mental overload.

How do you bounce back?

While Tammy was recovering, she worked on her mindset, lifestyle, and attitude.  When she regained a sense of normalcy, she realized this is not how her father wanted to her to live. He told her so in his own words before his death that she would need to move on.  She knew it would be a difficult task. She was a daddy’s girl.  Today, Tammy honors her father’s memory by moving forward and being of service.

I asked Tammy if she had any advice for her past self, any words of wisdom.  Tammy said, “Yes, don’t be selfish.”

In August, 2012, Tammy found her new calling as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl.  She helps people personalize their stories by creating extraordinary keepsakes called “Living Lockets.”  Through helping others memorialize their lives and the lives of loved ones, Tammy’s mission of service to others is keeping her focused on making others happy, which  brings her more joy than the 24 year old version of Tammy could have ever imagined.  Visit Tammy’s website.

I honor you Ms. Heotzler, thank you for being an inspiration.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

 Carmen M. Perez, Travel Planner

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One comment on “Pity Party No More: Conversation with Tammy

  1. One can Always Bounce back, it is all about Choice and Attitude… Lots of Love and Hugs coming your way…

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