Living II: My ViSalus Challenge Week 3 – Intention

What are you intentions?

What are your intentions?

Week 3: I had many good intentions this week, but several of them did not materialize.  The tracking of my calories and timing of meals was a mess.  This week I could not help be reminded of my intentions when I weighed in, fearful of the result.  Well, here we go…last week I weighed 159.2.  Week 3 weigh in…drum roll please–158.4 pounds.  That’s a total of .8 lbs. for the week, and a total loss of exactly 5 lbs. I am feeling great, and that is a blessing.  My energy levels are starting to pick up and my pain levels are very low.  I am using a new meditation program daily my friend, Edel Mahoney, of the Path of the Peaceful Warrior , created and introduced me to.  I’m so grateful I am at peace.

My week in review:

I continued:

1. Drinking 2 ViSalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss per day.

2. Making healthy meal choices.

3. Eating at regular intervals throughout the day.

4. Drinking at least 6 cups of water per day.

My goals for the next week are:

1. Continue drinking 2 ViSalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss per day.

2. Continue working on eating at regular intervals throughout the day. (While it is challenging for me to do this, I notice I feel better when I’m successful.)

3. Drink at least 8 cups of water.  (Getting 6 in per day was easy for me last week, so I’m comfortable stepping up.)

4. Continue making healthier meal choices. (This is still a challenge for me.)

5. Attempt to track my calories 2 days this week. (I did not succeed in doing this last week, so I’m giving it another try.)


Go you think about your intentions when you are getting into a new situation or creating a new habit?

As you may know it is my intention to lose 15 pounds over 90 days, hence the ViSalus Challenge.  However this morning when I weighed in I was stricken with the fact I lost exactly 5 pounds.  I think I may have set this intention accidentally.  ViSalus gives you a bracelet to track your weight loss and it is a friendly reminder when you reach for the refrigerator door handle, or are ordering from the menu. The bracelet tracks you progress in 5 lbs. increments, so I placed my peg in the 5 lbs. slot because it was the lowest, without much thought.

As the weeks have gone by I have gotten use to my reminder, focusing on this 5 lbs. marker.  My black bracelet kept me focused and thinking, “All I have to do is lose 5 lbs.” This is why I believe it was no accident I lost exactly 5 pounds.

What to do?

I changed my intentions.  I have now placed the peg in the 15 lbs. slot.

It is not always easy to change your intentions the way I did here, but that shouldn’t stop you redefining your intentions and creating a new point of focus.  Being adaptable will help you overcome any challenge.  Setting small achievable goals will give you a sense of satisfaction and the motivation to continue working towards your goals.

Do you know your intentions?

If you would like a dose of daily inspiration visit Edel’s website, www.PathofthePeacefulWarrior.com, or Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/GratitudeGoddess

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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  1. Good for you in following thru… and listening to your body

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