Pity Party No More: Conversation with Krissy – Living with Fibromyalgia

Krissy and her gorgeous family - thank you for sharing your story

Krissy and her gorgeous family – thank you for sharing your story

With each encounter of an inspirational woman Living II (living with invisible illness), I grow stronger.  I learn something from each and every interaction.  The connection with so many powerful women Living II is an honor I could never have dreamed of receiving just a short time ago.

I e-met Krissy Dawson through a mutual friend that shared my blog because, like me, Krissy has Fibromyalgia. I felt compelled to reach out to Krissy when she shared she is living, very well—all things considered, with the Fibro-monster for 17 years.  It was obvious Krissy tamed her monster, and I wanted to know how.

Today, Krissy is 42, vegan, a mother, and a happily married homemaker.  Her young adult life was challenging to say the least.  Krissy endured physical, sexual, and drug abuse.  After 15 years in a painful abusive marriage, Krissy left with her then 14-year-old son.  Shortly afterwards, she received a diagnosis for symptoms she experienced for over a decade, prompted by a series of car accidents, of Fibromyalgia.  She found some relief with chiropractic sessions. However, it was not until she committed to making real lifestyle changes did things improve greatly.

How do you bounce back?

In 2007, Krissy had a gorgeous baby boy, who was diagnosed with autism.  Her son’s autism propelled her to action.  She decided to educate herself about the quality of our food supply to help make the best choices possible for her and her family.  Krissy started by researching all the ingredients of products in her home.  Shocked by the inundation of toxins in our food supply, she decided to become vegetarian.  Then 2 years ago, she made the leap and decided to live a vegan lifestyle for the betterment of her family and well-being. Today, Krissy does her best to keep her home and her body free of toxins, she runs 2.5 miles a day, and keeps up with her busy family.

I asked Krissy if she had any advice for her past self, any words of wisdom to share.  Krissy said, “Care more about me.  I am important and worthy of love.”  Words of wisdom to other’s Living II, “Stand up for yourself.  Fight for answers.”

Krissy’s words just kind of hung in the air.  I focused on her message, “I am important and worthy of love,” and I could not agree more.

Entertainment Center - A sample of the gorgeous furniture Krissy and Chris create.

Krissy and her husband, Chris, have started a new company inspired by their passions, Dawson Custom Designs.  They create custom wood furniture, artwork, décor items, and custom scrapbooks.  Visit their website at www.DawsonCustomDesigns.blogspot.com or their Etsy Shop at www.etsy.com/shop/DawsonCustomDesigns.  The photo you see here is one of the inspired pieces Dawson Custom Designs creates.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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4 comments on “Pity Party No More: Conversation with Krissy – Living with Fibromyalgia

  1. Hey Carmen. Her story is really powerful. Ya know so many people make excuses for eating poorly and not taking care of themselves but the truth is, they don’t think they are worth it. And that’s disheartening. Adopting the mantra “I am important and I am worthy of love”.

  2. Carmen,
    It was an incredible experience sharing a part of my story with you and hearing some of yours. It’s pretty powerful when we can use our experiences, trials, pains, joys and journey, to uplift and encourage others that might be on a similar road. Very powerful! thank you for asking me to be a part of your conversation.

    Hi! thank you for your comments! I’m so humbled. I’m continuously reminding myself of this very thing. I think having to do that, to refocus myself daily as to who I really am..keeps me striving forward to live and walk in good health, love, peace and compassion. best wishes on your journey

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