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Living II: My ViSalus Challenge Week 4 – Temptation

What do you consider before giving in to temptation?

What do you consider before giving in to temptation?

Week 4: Like many of you, I had to juggle a busy work and travel schedule along with my personal focus – my diet.  How exhausting!  Over the span of 4 days I had 2 formal dinners, and one buffet dinner and luncheon to attend.  On Thursday with each indulgent bite I would chastise myself, but I quickly caught myself and stopped.  I made the best choices I could given my circumstances, and don’t get me wrong, they weren’t horrible.  As a rule, I left something on my plate, ate my veggies, and only ate dessert if I really wanted it.  Needless to say as I approach the scale this morning, I am already coming up with excuses as to why an increase in my weight is acceptable.  So, here we go.  Week 4 weigh in…drum roll please–158.1 pounds.  That’s a loss of .3 pounds for the week, and a total loss of 5.3 pounds.  I’m in shock! I guess all the walking during the tours took care of those extra calories.

My week in review:

I completed all of my goals except the elusive “eating at regular intervals” goal.

I used Slimkicker.com to help me track calories.  My goal this week was to track calories for 2 days and the Slimkicker application for my iPhone made this so much easier.  What is really awesome about Slimkicker are the challenges.  They help you stay motivated and excited about doing the things we should be doing when we’re making lifestyle changes.  Like no soda for a week, or replace juice with tea .  The challenges start out easy and gradually get harder. As you check in daily you stay accountable.  As you successfully reach your goals and complete challenges you win prizes and reward yourself.  I have only been using Slimkicker for a few days but I will be using it as a tool as I complete my 90 day ViSalus Challenge.

My goals for next week are:

1. Continue drinking 2 Visalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss per day.

2. Continue eating at regular intervals throughout the day.

3. Drink 8 cups of water per day.

4. Track my calories for 4 days this week using Slimkicker. (Two days was easy once I started using Slimkicker so I’m going to double down on this goal.)

5. Walk for an hour. (My first week with an exercise goal.)


When facing temptation our rebellious inner child surfaces and reminds us that we are in control and can have what we want without regard to how wise, immoral, or wrong our choice may be.  Being committed to making lifestyle changes, means knowing how to make the best decision for you.  Before giving into temptation and reaching for that brownie, or enjoying an extra glass of wine at dinner, ask yourself:

1. What will happen if I do this (eat the brownie)?

2. What will happen if I don’t do this?

3. Knowing the consequences, do I want this?

If you know the consequences of your actions and accept them– have the brownie.  Don’t beat yourself up, or feel guilty.  Enjoy the pleasure of having what you want when you want it.  I’m sure some will say it’s selfish.  I disagree.  I believe letting go and enjoying what life brings about happiness.  Today the brownie was what you wanted more than anything.  Perhaps tomorrow you’ll decide to have a healthy organic salad.  It’s all about balance.

What do you consider before you give in to temptation?

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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