Travel: A luxury or Necessity?

Is travel a luxury or necessity?

Are vacations a luxury or necessity?

Are vacations a luxury or necessity?

Contrary to popular belief, travel is not a luxury.  Vacations are an essential part of your well-being and offer many health benefits.  How else do you get away from it all, and escape the stress of home and work?  Travel is a full proof way to avoid burn out and keep your sanity.


Travel reduces stress.  One of the most talked about benefits of travel is its ability to reduce stress while on vacation.  When vacationing you get to chillax, rejuvenate your body from the wear and tear of daily life, and recharge your mind for improved response time and focus.   Reducing your stress is critical to your well-being.  Stress is attributed to a wide array of health issues including hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Enjoying a vacation is a natural healthy way to treat insomnia, blood pressure, and start a new healthy habit, like meditation or yoga.

Travel lifts your mood.  Looking forward to your vacation brings a feeling of happiness and excitement that helps make daily life more bearable when you’re on the verge of freaking out.  The change of scenery boosts your mood immediately.  A 25 year study at the University of San Fransisco revealed that those who traveled at least once a year rated they outlook on life more positively than those who did not.

Travel makes you more creative.  Many have said they get their best ideas while relaxing on vacation.  Without the pressure to respond to each crisis while in the office, you have an opportunity to consider creative and innovative approaches to work projects and problems.  The break allows you to refresh those brain cells.

Vacations are a necessity, agreed?

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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6 comments on “Travel: A luxury or Necessity?

  1. You’re right Carmen. Vacationing is about more than the luxury. It’s time more of us accepted that.

  2. I feel travel is absolutely a necessity in my life. It gives me motivation, hope and helps me grow as an individual. Without travel, I feel I would be somewhat lost.

    • Hi Nomadic Samuel, Thank you for your comments. I completely agree with you. Travel motivated me to deal with my chronic pain due to fibromyalgia after being disabled for over a year, and transform my life. Xx

      P.S. I enjoy your blog-your passion for travel is clear. Xx

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more.

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