Cruisin’: Pre-wedding Bliss on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

Have a big event coming up? Enjoy a Rejuvenating Getaway and Be the Life of the Party

Have a big event coming up? Enjoy a Rejuvenating Getaway and Be the Life of the Party

Your best friend gets engaged and the next year of your life is filled with lots of action, high-flying emotion, and pressure to look your best as you and your best friends meet the grooms family and friends. Before helping the bride kick up the wedding planning into high gear plan a little wedding preplanning getaway with the wedding party. Not only will everyone bond over the travel experiences, you have an incredible opportunity to get a very well priced make over, and time to relax and be completely selfish, without judgment.

I recently planned travel for a group of 8 women and 8 men celebrating an engagement. We decided a cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines: Freedom of the Seas was perfect for their mood and needs during this trip. The bride’s maid-of-honor was the first to contact me. The bride-to-be excited with anticipation decided she’d like to relax sea-side with her bride’s maids. The groom-to-be wants to hang out during in the day with his groom’s men, and have options for playing and eating in the evening with his fiancee. After we agreed on a cruise option for the group, we planned their vacation in detail. Knowing the women were looking for exciting, yet revitalizing, activities they could not enjoy at home and the men were looking for some mild adventure and bro-time, I recommended a couple of adventurous tours and various spa treatments. I planned an itinerary with planned joint and separate activities for the men and women throughout the cruise so the girls could enjoy some girl time and the men could take liberty with a little bro-time. After their getaway, the group insisted we all have lunch to talk about their cruise. When I arrived they engaged me with their stories and pictures. They absolutely loved their cruise, and they all returned looking incredible. The smiles from ear to ear told me I did a great job.

Cruising: Doesn’t it get boring?

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is well-known for the adventurous activities they offer on board, including ice skating, full size basketball court, their signature Flow-rider (a surfing simulator) and rock-wall, just to name a few. What’s really great about these activities, is if it’s not your thing-you could watch while sun bathing on the deck. If you want some quiet time, go to the adults only section of the deck – not only is it quieter the loungers are a bit more luxurious. There is covered and uncovered seating to suit your mood.

The day of arrival there were over 20 planned activities for the afternoon; there were over 30 planned activities for the evening. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Cruising: Makeover on Vacation

One of the incredible benefits of cruising is the deals offered on board in the spa and gym. They have personal trainers to help you start a new fitness program while on board, yoga classes for every level, a boxing ring to work out your frustration and so much more. The spa offers massages of every kind to relax your body, detox and slimming body wraps for your tired dehydrated skin, and facials to reduce any signs of aging. One of the things you need to do when you settle in is stop in at the spa and schedule an appointment for the treatments you’re interested in. They always offer discounted treatment packages and their quality of service rivals any well-known day spa.

Is a cruise right for my group?

Cruising is about the journey as you go from port to port. Brief visits to your destinations limit exploration time. If you want to “sample” several destinations this is the best way to get around. This is what I enjoy about cruising. I dreamed of visiting Jamaica for many years and my first visit was on a cruise. I spent the day with a personal tour guide and decided I wanted to come back and get to know Jamaica better. On the same cruise I fell in love with Key West, which I never thought of as a place I would like to visit.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Carmen M. Perez, Travel Planner

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You dream it, I plan it, you deserve it.

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6 comments on “Cruisin’: Pre-wedding Bliss on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

  1. I love cruising but up until now I have only ever cruised with family. I keep nagging our friends to cruise and they say they will….one day, I will have to show them your blog!

    • Hi Carol,

      I love to hear that! You should also consider getting several spa treatments. There are great on-board spa packages–make it a make-over cruise. I don’t know any woman who couldn’t use some pampering while hanging with her girls.

      🙂 can you tell I love what I do?

      Have a great weekend. Xx

  2. We’ve got a Royal Caribbean cruise planned over Thanksgiving. Now I’m lookiing forward to it even more!! Thanks for the great article!!

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