Be (More) Positive – 6 Tips

Could you be a little more positive? 6 Tips to Being (More) Positive

Could you be a little more positive? 6 Tips to Being (More) Positive

When you reflect on where you are versus where you want to be, what do you focus on?

Do you focus on what you DON”T  want? Or, do you focus on what you DO want?

The answer to that question makes all the difference in the world.  Our negative thoughts tell us about what needs attention in our life.  These thoughts, hopefully, lead to figuring out what needs to be done and how to take care of it, whether in a positive or negative manner.  Negative situations are learning experiences and if you don’t recognize that, you  may feel victimized and helpless. Ultimately, blaming others for what you drew to yourself.   Being positive is not as easy as you may think, especially when you are unhappy, unsatisfied, and you feel like life sucks.  Many people  find it difficult to be positive even when things are going well.

Do you think this is positive?

Every day on Facebook I see postings like:

“Getting rid of negative emotions especially for moving into fall is essential.”

“Life has many different chapters.  One bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end of the book.”

“Remove the negative things and toxic people in your life and everything will fall into place.”

As you read these postings do you feel inspired with positive thoughts?

While each of these messages may seem positive, they focus on exactly what we don’t want – negative emotions, a bad chapter, negative things and toxic people.  No one in their right mind would want any of these things in their lives, so why focus on them at all.

Don’t think they are focusing on the negative…think again.

6 Tips to Being Positive and Getting Closer to Happiness

1. Focus on what you want! The above statements are focusing on the negative, what we DON”T want.  We want to focus only on the positive, what we DO want.

So if you’ve decided to rid your life of “negative emotions” by fall, a positive way of stating this is, “Feeling only positive loving emotions as we move into fall.”

Going through a bad chapter in your book of life–re-write the chapter, “Life has many chapters, each filled with incredible experiences.”

Want to remove negative things and toxic people from your life, wonderful–let’s say it like this, “Experiencing only wonderful positive things and incredible people–my life is exactly where I want it.”

2. Be grateful. Show gratitude for everything in your life.  Find a reason to appreciate what you have. Practice this by starting each day by writing 3 things you are grateful for.   When you hit a rough patch during the day, think of these 3 things.  I keep a list of things I am grateful for with me.  When I am losing it for one reason or another throughout the day, I just pick up my list and start reading.  It always helps me feel–well, more positive. Suddenly the hour wait at the doctor’s office, or the traffic on my way home, is not as tortuous as I originally thought.

3.  Think only of abundance.  Think and believe that you already have abundance, success, love, and happiness.  Create a clear mental picture of how your abundance, success, love, and happiness looks in your ideal life.  Then learn to feel and act, as if you are already living the life you visualize.  Even better, create a vision board.  It’s your life, you can create anything you want from it.

4. Practice being a positive person.  Think positive thoughts, speak well of yourself and others.  As you continue your practice of being a positive person you will discover more ways to be positive.  This is one of those things you are going to have to trust me on.  If you catch yourself being negative, just stop and find a positive way to rephrase your comment.

5. Find the good in everything.  While it may be challenging at times, make every experience a good experience.  If the  negative voice in you is already naming all the times you cannot find the good–think again, there is always something useful to learn.

6. Create a positive environment.   Choose to surround yourself with positive influences.  Read inspirational books and articles. Watch inspirational movies or shows on television.   Stay clear from any negative influences including family and friends, so their negativity doesn’t rub off on you.

Being a positive person requires a little know how and a lot of practice (for me anyway).  As you practice these 6 Tips for Being More Positive, you will naturally start to feel more positive and be happier.

Already a positive person? Tell us how you stay positive.

Because I got by with a little help from my girlfriends, I want to help you get help from your girlfriends. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

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13 comments on “Be (More) Positive – 6 Tips

  1. Excellent tips Carmen, Pinterest is a really good place to have a vision board

  2. I love this article. As much as I try to stay positive, sometimes it helps to be reminded! I actually have a vision board I created and when I am having “one of those days” – I turn to my vision board and take a deep breath. Another thing I so is repeat a daily affirmation, once when I get up – and once right before I go to bed at night. Starting and ending the day on a positive note.

  3. Great ideas. I have a journal full of inspiration quotes/ memories that I pull on the days that I’m not feeling so positive.

  4. Great reminders to stay positive and to be grateful. Thanks

  5. Absolutely Sooo True… Great tips….

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