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A New Home for the Bounce Back Journal

Gal Pal Bounce Back Mission Family of Companies

Gal Pal Bounce Back Mission Family of Companies

I hope you enjoy the Bounce Back Journal half as much as I enjoy writing for you.  This year has been filled with monumental personal growth.   Thank you for allowing me to grow and become part of your lives.

I have enjoyed the dialogue I have engaged in through this venue, but I long to give more.  I do not want any woman, or person, to go through what I have gone through.  With that in mind I have created a new site http://www.BounceBackMission.com.  Gal Pal Bounce Back Mission is a highly interactive online community of and for confident, intelligent, thriving women whoa re ready to create their quintessential life with abandon, and without excuses.

This new site allows me to engage with readers and have discussions on important topics we blog about.  You are invited to join the conversation in our member’s only forum.  Membership is free so sign up today.

I will continue to post here 4 times per month, but I ask you to join our discussion at Gal Pal Bounce Back Mission.  The Bounce Back Journal is now accepting blog articles from guest writers.  If you are interested or would like additional information, please visit the new site, or e-mail me at Carmen@BounceBackMission.com.

We also have a new Facebook Fan Page we would love some likes, comments, and shares.


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