Wanderlust Woman (Lii)

What Do I Want Now? Set SMARTE Goals

Do you find yourself staring into space reflecting on the last 365 days, wondering what is coming your way in the up coming 365 days? I can’t help and reflect during this time of year.  I am not sure why–as long as I could remember it has been the tradition to start anew annually every January. […]

A New Home for the Bounce Back Journal

I hope you enjoy the Bounce Back Journal half as much as I enjoy writing for you.  This year has been filled with monumental personal growth.   Thank you for allowing me to grow and become part of your lives. I have enjoyed the dialogue I have engaged in through this venue, but I long […]

Cruising First Timer: Carnival Dream

One of the best parts of my work as a travel planner is to introduce my clients to experiences they don’t know about or have never tried. My client came to me for help on planning an incredible family getaway for 16 family members. She is celebrating her 50th birthday and her survival. She is […]

Insider Secrets for Stress-Free Traveling During the Holidays

This week kicks off the holiday travel season.  From late November to the end of December we can expect heavy traveling as families and friends get together for the holidays.  Travel during this time of year brings about its own unique concerns. Following are my top Insider Secrets for Stress Free Traveling During the Holidays: Confirm […]

What Should I Put in a Travel Medical Kit?

When you travel, it’s important to have what you need to enjoy your vacation.  For most, packing involves comfortable and fun vacation clothes and toiletries.  A killer headache or heart burn is just one way to ruin the excitement of arriving at your hotel ready to start your vacation. When you’re preparing to leave for […]

Destination Spotlight: Magnificent Tampa

Even if you stay on the beaches 20 miles to the west, you should consider driving into Tampa for a mild taste of metropolis. Tampa is 85 miles southwest of Orlando. Tampa was a sleepy little port when Cuban immigrants founded Ybor City’s cigar industry in the 1880s. A few years later, Henry B. Plant […]

What documents do I need to carry with me when I travel?

In your last hours before a vacation you make a mental checklist of what has been done and needs to be done before you leave for the airport. You stop the paper and the mail, pack, and throw out the garbage.  Unfortunately, one of the last things we think about are the documents we need […]