Travel Tips

Ask Your Travel Planner: What is an Airline Codeshare?

Last week while reviewing an itinerary with a client traveling to Italy, I told her that although her air ticket is a US Airways ticket, she would need to check in at United because they were servicing her flight. She seemed a little bewildered, so I advised her this was what we referred to in […]

5 Tips to Get Rid of Jet Lag

Are you looking forward to your trip across the country, but not the fatigue and insomnia it causes?   Jet lag, also called “flight fatigue,” is a temporary disorder known to cause travelers a number of physical and emotional symptoms including anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, confusion, dehydration, headache, irritability, nausea, sweating, coordination problems, dizziness, and even […]

Travel Tip: What to Take for a Day at the Beach

Moving from Chicago, Illinois to Orlando, Florida really gave me a new appreciation for sunny HHHOOOTTTT summer days.   Every summer, as we head out to enjoy the sand and sun at the ocean, in either Cocoa Beach (about a 40 minute drive from Orlando) or Daytona Beach (about an hour and 40 minute drive), […]

Ask Your Travel Counselor: Yes, You Can Still Plan Your Summer Getaway

No elaborate travel plans for the summer? Don’t even have a weekend away scheduled on your calendar? Take heart, it’s not too late to plan that summer vacation. Sometimes we make our best discoveries when travel is a bit spontaneous and there are ways to take the stress out of last-minute planning. 1. Is it […]

Is Cruising Safe? Best Safety Tips for Cruisers

Loving the idea of traveling from port to port exploring a new city each day of your vacation?  You have already imagined yourself with the wind in your hair, as you sunbathe on the deck waiting for your pool-side mojito, and you can’t help smile at thought of what exciting cuisine you will try at […]

Road Trippin’: Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Do you enjoy road trips? Since moving to Florida, I have come to adore the freedom and convenience of  taking road trips for my girlfriends’ getaways.  With singing to all of our favorite oldies, doubled over laughing, recalling our best and worst moments of high-school, or the last social event we all attended, what’s not […]

Travel Tips: Top Travel Safety Tips you Need to Know Before You Go

When you travel you have an idea of the experiences you are looking forward to the most.  Whether it’s catching up with your gal pals in Cancun to check out the club scene, or climbing a mountain with a tour guide, your plans don’t usually include an accident, or loosing your travel documents. Unfortunately things […]