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Ask Your Travel Planner: What If My Flight Gets Cancelled?

You’re scheduled to leave on vacation, but you arrive at the airport and within seconds of checking in, you’re told your flight has been canceled.  Your important business meeting, your dinner reservation, your tickets to the play you’ve dreamed of seeing for the last 6 weeks–all of it is on hold thanks to the airline […]

Ask Your Travel Planner: Where Can I Get the Best Deals on Travel Gear

After you have planned your vacation, it’s time to make sure you have vacation gear–clothes, luggage, shoes.  If you’re like me, you will need to buy something.  Here are places I check out for luggage, shoes, electronics, and other travel gear: 1. NoBetterDeal.com – This site handles returns from major retailers and it’s items are […]

Top 3 Benefits of Travel: Can Travel Save Your Life?

April is stress awareness month – take a trip and save your life! Managing the stress in your life can be challenging. One of the best ways to combat the signs of stress – insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, and circulatory problems, is to getaway. 1. Travel reduces stress. A heart study showed that […]

New “Normal” – Pace Yourself, Pace Yourself, Pace Yourself

When I began my “rebirth” it was both exciting and scary testing my new boundaries.  When trying to do everything I used to do on a trip led me to regret, resentment, and repeated crashes, I finally decided to adjust my expectations to fit my new limits. Learning to pace myself has helped me immensely.  I […]

Fun Travel Strategy: Plan in Detail

Planning your trips in great detail can help you plan rest breaks before and after active events.  If you are unable to do the research necessary complete a detailed itinerary, Gal Pal Carmen could be of great help here. Considering any limitations during the planning phase will ensure you don’t miss any must do experiences.  […]

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips

With recent concerns about travel safety I thought now was a good time to share my thoughts and experience on safe travel with you. Obey the law. Follow your instincts and avoid any areas or situations that seem as though they could become dangerous. Stay in the well-known tourist areas of the cities you visit. […]