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What’s Happening in Central Florida this June?

The hot days of the summer are finally here. The kids are out and about, the visitors are coming in to town and everyone wants to see something new. If you live in or will be traveling to the Central Florida area, here are just a few ideas to help keep you busy in the […]

Road Trippin’: The DeLand Mural Walk

Imagine my surprise when I find out after 8 years of living in Orlando, there is a mural painting walk in 11 of Florida’s cities, called the “Florida Mural Trail.”  The Florida Mural Trail goes through Palatka, DeLand, Lake Placid, Milton, Gainesville, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Fort Pierce, Lake Wales, Punta Gorda, and Pine Island.  I […]

Pity Party No More: Put Your Best Face Forward

When I met Mindy Black, I was taken by her obvious passion for skin care and her overwhelming desire to help others.  Mindy is a clinical esthetician and owner of Inner Beauty Skin Care. Mindy’s life experience and philosophy of “run with people who run faster” have super charged her reach.  She works with clients […]

Pity Party No More: When Chores Become a Pleasant Accomplishment

A few years ago, I took care of most the chores in my home. I worked 60+ hour work weeks in a law firm, did the groceries, took care of the family finances, and took care of the details in managing my children’s lives. I managed to do my housecleaning after work during the week, […]

Pity Party No More: Are Your Trigger Points Screaming for Attention?

My biggest daily challenge is overcoming a major symptom of my condition, PAIN.  I used to think I was special, but apparently I’m not alone .  Recent studies show about 100 million Americans suffer from Chronic Pain and know the burden of pain on every day life.   In fact about 20% of those pain […]

Destination Spotlight: Cassadaga, Florida – The Most Spirited Town in the US

This small town is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.  Today, I am about 40 minutes north of Orlando, seeking a new “spiritual” experience.  The town of Cassadaga, between Orlando, and Daytona, in central Florida, was founded by George P. Colby.  Mr. Colby said he was led there through the wilderness from […]

Pity Party No More: Get Beyond Your Dis-ease

When thinking back to my darkest days I remember how difficult it was to find the motivation to rise in the morning.  I often laid in bed for hours with no desire to embark on the new day.  I know how hard it was for my family to watch me opt for self-imposed confinement, rather […]