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Girlfriends: What Does it Take to be Your Friend?

What does it take for you to consider someone a friend?  Since re-invigorating my social life, I frequently consider this question. About 15 years ago, I let a stranger sit at my table, a friendly girl from LA.  This was during a girls’ getaway to Las Vegas with my best friend, Cin. We had 2 […]

Girlfriends: How Many Friends Are in Your Friendtourage?

When you need more than your fair share of supportive friends, who’s in your Friendtourage really matters. My Friendtourage is important to me, one of my survivor tools.  When something is going on in your life you no doubt will wonder which of your friends you could call, thinking, “which of my friends will make […]

Road Trippin’: National Picnic Month – The Perfect Beach Picnic

Do you want to plan a day trip with your girlfriends but never know what to do?  In July we celebrate National Picnic Month.  My girlfriends and I picnic at a beach the 3rd Friday of every month.  We each bring our lunch, with enough to share, and catch up as we enjoy the scenery. […]

Ask Your Travel Counselor: What Do You Know About Travel?

I am your Florida travel expert and am here to help you travel.  It seems every time I am out connecting with people, I get asked questions about the travel industry.  So I thought I would answer my most often asked questions right here.  Every Monday I will post a blog featuring the answer for […]

Destination Spotlight: What’s There Not to Love About Key West?

Five years ago I went to Key West for the first time, a weekend getaway for 15 girlfriends.   The weather was 85 and sunny, the streets were rich with history and color, and the people were so relaxed and friendly.  The entire time I was in Key West the sounds of Jimmy Buffett‘s music […]

Destination Spotlight: The Florida Keys

A drive from Miami to the Keys is the most breathtaking drive I have ever taken.  On either side, for miles and miles, you see only the blue waters of the Florida Keys.  There are about 400 islands, 150 miles long that make up The Florida Keys. People go to the Florida Keys for the […]

Girlfriends: Who’s in Your Friendtourage?

  I heard the term “Friendtourage” for the first time just a couple of days ago and  it piqued my interest.  I am drawn to the term because of what the words “friend” and “entourage” mean to me.  I expected Friendtourage to mean, “a group of persons you are connected to in a meaningful way, not […]