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Is Cruising Safe? Best Safety Tips for Cruisers

Loving the idea of traveling from port to port exploring a new city each day of your vacation?  You have already imagined yourself with the wind in your hair, as you sunbathe on the deck waiting for your pool-side mojito, and you can’t help smile at thought of what exciting cuisine you will try at […]

Ask Your Travel Counselor: 5 Best Ways to Save Money on Airfare

According to the latest figures from the government’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS.gov) the average airfare for all of 2011 was the highest on record at $364. That’s an increase of more than 8 percent over all of 2010, and an increase of more than 5 percent over the previous record-breaking year of 2008. Airlines […]

Pity Party No More: How to Get from Beneath Your Black Cloud of Depression

Do you remember a time when you felt you were living your perfect life? You were on track and where you wanted. Now, can you see almost to the day when your life started to unravel, but were too lost to care.  That’s where I was in 2010, 2 years into fighting with doctors over […]

Destination Spotlight: Cassadaga, Florida – The Most Spirited Town in the US

This small town is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.  Today, I am about 40 minutes north of Orlando, seeking a new “spiritual” experience.  The town of Cassadaga, between Orlando, and Daytona, in central Florida, was founded by George P. Colby.  Mr. Colby said he was led there through the wilderness from […]

Pity Party No More: Get Beyond Your Dis-ease

When thinking back to my darkest days I remember how difficult it was to find the motivation to rise in the morning.  I often laid in bed for hours with no desire to embark on the new day.  I know how hard it was for my family to watch me opt for self-imposed confinement, rather […]

Destination Spotlight: Florida – Discover Our “Sunshine State”

Florida merrily calls itself the “Sunshine State.”  Yet there’s more than sunny skies to recommend here.  You can visit remote little towns like Apalachicola and Cassadaga, or a live it up in a multicultural playground like Miami.  You can scoff lots of fresh seafood and then work off the calories bicycling, golfing, kayaking or swimming. […]

Pity Party No More: Rough Day Working From My Satellite Office

As the events of our lives unfold we do our best to keep up, but try as we may, because of one thing or another we crash. For me, my reason is chronic pain. It has taken me roughly 3 years to learn to live with the beast. It is difficult to tell from one […]