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What Should I Put in a Travel Medical Kit?

When you travel, it’s important to have what you need to enjoy your vacation.  For most, packing involves comfortable and fun vacation clothes and toiletries.  A killer headache or heart burn is just one way to ruin the excitement of arriving at your hotel ready to start your vacation. When you’re preparing to leave for […]

Should I Plan My Vacation in Detail or Fly by the Seat of My Pants?

Until 6 years ago, I always planned my family’s vacations in detail.  I would schedule all the unique experiences offered in the destination, make a list of must-see sites and schedule a day and time to see them, select special dining locations and make reservations, schedule down time for relaxation and shopping, and make a […]

Ask Your Travel Planner: What Type of Travel Insurance Do I Need?

If you are unsure you need travel insurance, click here to view my blog Do I Need Travel Insurance? Top 10 Reasons to Insure Your Vacation . When you’ve decided you need travel insurance the following should help make things a little clearer for you. Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance – What is it and […]

Do I Need Travel Insurance? Top 10 Reasons to Insure Your Vacation

“Do I need travel insurance?” This is a question is often asked by travelers.  My answer is, “it depends.”  The reality is the money you pay for a vacation is an investment.  You should consider the risk of losing your investment and protect yourself.  You should consider the type of travel you’re planning (domestic vs. […]

Road Trippin: Florida’s Forgotten Coast – Just For Relaxing

Leave your watch at home and turn off that phone.  Now you’re ready to get lost,  and surrender to your meandering spirit of exploration. The Forgotten Coast stretches listlessly over 200 miles of mostly undeveloped Gulf of Mexico coastline.  The Forgotten Coast is about 80 miles from Tallahassee,  and just over 300 miles from Orlando.  […]

Ask Your Travel Planner: What If My Flight Gets Cancelled?

You’re scheduled to leave on vacation, but you arrive at the airport and within seconds of checking in, you’re told your flight has been canceled.  Your important business meeting, your dinner reservation, your tickets to the play you’ve dreamed of seeing for the last 6 weeks–all of it is on hold thanks to the airline […]

Pity Party No More: Is Your Personality a Problem?

Are you high achieving, giving and intelligent?  Recently I saw a report on television that stated a common denominator for those who suffered from Chronic Pain is they also suffer from a personality problem, called Perfectionism.  Doctors say if you suffer from Perfectionism you need to loosen up. Easier Said Than Done? Being a perfectionist […]