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Road Trippin’: Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Do you enjoy road trips? Since moving to Florida, I have come to adore the freedom and convenience of  taking road trips for my girlfriends’ getaways.  With singing to all of our favorite oldies, doubled over laughing, recalling our best and worst moments of high-school, or the last social event we all attended, what’s not […]

What’s Happening in Central Florida This July?

Now that summer has officially begun, we look forward to the hot, hot days of July in Florida. There is so much to do and see.  What will you be doing this July? If you live in or will be traveling to the Central Florida area, here are just a few ideas to help keep […]

Road Trippin’: The Punta Gorda Mural Walk

Taking an artsy girlfriends getaway doesn’t have to mean tiptoeing from one painting to another in a museum or gallery.  Thanks to the Florida Mural Trail, there are 11 cities where you can infuse your love of art with your love of exploration.  Today we are checking out the Punta Gorda Historic Mural Walking and […]

Fun Travel Strategy: Plan in Detail

Planning your trips in great detail can help you plan rest breaks before and after active events.  If you are unable to do the research necessary complete a detailed itinerary, Gal Pal Carmen could be of great help here. Considering any limitations during the planning phase will ensure you don’t miss any must do experiences.  […]