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What Should I Put in a Travel Medical Kit?

When you travel, it’s important to have what you need to enjoy your vacation.  For most, packing involves comfortable and fun vacation clothes and toiletries.  A killer headache or heart burn is just one way to ruin the excitement of arriving at your hotel ready to start your vacation. When you’re preparing to leave for […]

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips

With recent concerns about travel safety I thought now was a good time to share my thoughts and experience on safe travel with you. Obey the law. Follow your instincts and avoid any areas or situations that seem as though they could become dangerous. Stay in the well-known tourist areas of the cities you visit. […]

Do you lose if you snooze on vaca? I think not.

Last weekend I traveled to New Hampshire to visit my gal pal, Jenn. It was cold and damp all weekend, perfect weather for sitting bundled up in front of the fire, which I did, along with a lot of napping. Up until a few years ago I never would have napped while on vacation. I always […]