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My ViSalus Challenge Week 6 – Accountability

Accountability Do you beat yourself up for not meeting your goals? When you don’t meet your goals, do you accept responsibility or blame others? Beating myself up for not meeting my goals is something I do often. However, I take full accountability for what does and what does not happen in my life. Being accountable […]

My ViSalus Challenge Week 5 – Anger

Week 5: Living in constant fear of pain that once left me bed ridden is starting to take control–even as I push past boundaries. The Type A personality that put me in bed, and got me out of bed, is pushing me back again. A normal week for most. I was out much of week […]

Living II: My ViSalus Challenge Week 4 – Temptation

Week 4: Like many of you, I had to juggle a busy work and travel schedule along with my personal focus – my diet.  How exhausting!  Over the span of 4 days I had 2 formal dinners, and one buffet dinner and luncheon to attend.  On Thursday with each indulgent bite I would chastise myself, […]

Living II: My Visalus Challenge Day 14 (Week 2) – Bullies

Week 2:  This week was challenging, I struggled with bullies–priorities, obligations and time.  Creating new habits is hard work.  I focused on eating the correct number of meals and drinking water.  Let’s see if it worked.  Last week I weighed in at 160.7 lbs.  Week 2 weigh in…drum roll please–159.2 lbs.  That is a total […]

Living with Fibromyalgia: My Visalus Challenge Day 4 – Plan

Day 4: Today was family day and we ate brunch at TooJay’s, a local restaurant. I ordered a coffee, 2 eggs over easy (blotted with a napkin to absorb any visible oil), with a fruit cup and toast (1 slice). My fibro-flare is over. I am feeling better and planning on taking it easy today. […]

Living with Fibromyalgia: My Visalus Challenge Day 3 – Cook

Day 3: This morning my body felt too heavy to move and the pain was overwhelming.  I can’t write, or read.  I need to listen to my body and give it the rest it’s demanding.  As the day went on I started feeling  better and this evening I decided to make dinner for the family…a […]

Living with Fibromyalgia: My Visalus Challenge Day 2 – Coffee

Day 2: Pain levels are high. My fibro is in a full-blown flare. You can never tell how long the “Fibro-monster” will visit. It’s similar to hosting a mean family member whose visits you dread but make every effort to make as comfortable as possible, and they complain anyway. I was able to work this […]