Insider Secrets for Stress-Free Traveling During the Holidays

Insider Secrets for Stress-Free Traveling During the Holidays

Insider Secrets for Stress-Free Traveling During the Holidays

This week kicks off the holiday travel season.  From late November to the end of December we can expect heavy traveling as families and friends get together for the holidays.  Travel during this time of year brings about its own unique concerns.

Following are my top Insider Secrets for Stress Free Traveling During the Holidays:

Confirm Your Trip – Because of the rapid pace in security and operating procedures, and change of flight availability, confirm your flight information no more than 24 hours in advance.  Many airlines offer to send a text or e-mail message, in case of any changes to your flight itinerary.  If available, sign-up for this service.  It is free and can save you from starting your travel day off on the wrong foot.

Review Security Issues and Requirements – Flying on an aircraft and entering the airport should not be  a concern.  Review the Airport Security Requirements by visiting your airline’s website.

Arrive Early – Passenger screening checkpoints may move slowly during peak travel times like the holidays.  Give yourself an extra hour or two before your scheduled boarding time to clear security and get to your gate.

Boarding Pass and Identification – Keep your passport or state issued identification on your person. You will be reaching for these documents frequently.

Expect a Crowded Airplane, Pack Light – Holiday travel means more travelers with more bags and the plane will be more crowded than usual.  Do not wrap any gifts so they may easily be checked by security screeners.

Do you have any tips to help get through security and onto your flight with ease? 

By: Carmen M. Perez, the Wanderlust Woman (Lii), Travel Planner, Travel Expert, Speaker and Writer.  Because I got help from my girlfriends, I want to help you.  Visit http://www.BounceBackMission.com for your Free Associate Membership to our on-line community.  We are on a mission…

2 comments on “Insider Secrets for Stress-Free Traveling During the Holidays

  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I may struggle with the packing light tip but it makes sense so I’m definitely going to try 🙂

    • Hi Rhian,

      Thank you and your welcome. I agree, packing light is a challenge-with ever trip my packing skills get better…As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” I plan on traveling a lot and getting this part just right. 🙂 Xx

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