Girlfriends: Improve Your Health

Are you yearning for “me time”? Are you feeling your glass is half empty these days? Are you spending much of your extra time in bed or staring into space? Well, it’s no wonder.  You do over half the household work, kick butt in the office, and run all over town taking care of everyone’s […]

How Are Things Going My Friend?

When you visit with your girlfriends, one of the questions you always ask your friend is, “How are things going?”  Usually, this is where we share some of the details of our lives.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, since the last time you saw each other.  Right? Well, how do you answer that […]

Girlfriends: How to Split Vacation Expenses

As the summer season comes to an end, if you’re like me, you’re dreaming about heading out on a fun girls’ trip.  Spending a night or two — or three, with your gal pals in a luxurious resort being pampered, while enjoying a minty mojito seaside, and reconnecting with your girlfriends…does it get any better […]

Girlfriends: Need to Recharge Your Super Woman Powers? Plan a Girls’ Getaway

Do you need a girlfriends’ getaway to recharge your Super Woman powers? You’re not alone.  If you talk to your girlfriends, they’ll agree–you all need a getaway.  Your gal pals make you happier, help you live longer, feel more beautiful and reduce your stress; they literally make you emotionally and physically healthier.  By taking a […]

Girlfriends: How Do You Nurture Your Friendships?

Have you found that making friends isn’t as easy as it was when you were 10?  Friendships, along with our lives, are less stable and it can feel strange trying to make new ones. Here are 5 steps to making creating new friendships and nurturing the friendships you value: 1. Get a grip.  Go through your […]

Girlfriends: What Does it Take to be Your Friend?

What does it take for you to consider someone a friend?  Since re-invigorating my social life, I frequently consider this question. About 15 years ago, I let a stranger sit at my table, a friendly girl from LA.  This was during a girls’ getaway to Las Vegas with my best friend, Cin. We had 2 […]

Girlfriends: How Many Friends Are in Your Friendtourage?

When you need more than your fair share of supportive friends, who’s in your Friendtourage really matters. My Friendtourage is important to me, one of my survivor tools.  When something is going on in your life you no doubt will wonder which of your friends you could call, thinking, “which of my friends will make […]